The Griffons rugby union was formed in 1968 when the late Dr Danie Craven , who was then the president of SA rugby had a vision to try and spread the game to rural areas in South Africa, we were one of four new provinces formed and was called Noord Vrystaat.

During this period from 1968 - 1996 when rugby in South Africa turned professional, the dominant club, Welkom club, won 22 league titles, with only three other clubs, Rovers, President Brand and Western Holdings sharing the rest.

In 1996 with the start of professional rugby the then South African rugby football union, under Mr Louis Luyt, decided to re-divide the unions to have only 14 provinces in South Africa, with Northern Free State being one. The province Eastern Free State was incorporated into northern Free State. In 1999 Noord Vrystaat changed there name to the Griffons.

During the early part of Professional rugby club rugby suffered the most in South Africa and the Griffons was not left behind with 14 active first league club in 1995 to only having 4 in 2002. through hard work and dedication by a few individuals we now have an active club in all our major towns and a 1st league consisting of 8 clubs. During the professional era two clubs dominated the league, Welkom and Rovers, with Police and Bethlehem “Oud Skoliere” also winning a league title.

In 1999 season Rovers achieved a remarkable achievement by playing in the final of the South African Club Championships.
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